Monday, August 14, 2006

Weekend Update: Without those chicks from SNL (sadly)

Alright, it's Monday. After a hellerific Friday (that surprisingly did not include any lemon beverages), the weekend was a nice fun time to chill and relax, and have friends make me dinner. (Thanks again Rico).

A few of the things I learned this weekend?

1) Nip/Tuck is a DAMN fine TV show. Dan and I watched almost the entire first season in a day. (Stupid Dan going to work). So we're only the first season in, and I'm hooked. I really dig it. And as much as I'm looking forward to Daniel Craig playing James bond, I feel bad that Julian McMahon isn't playing him. That guy is hard core awesome in this show, which makes Fantastic Four that much more unforgivable.

2) Continuing along this pattern of TV shows I need to catch up on, Battlestar Galactica. I caught the first 3 hours of the mini series (of the new one on SciFi, that is). It, too, is pretty damn solid. I want to watch more of it, which is a good thing. The show itself has a feel of a little more serious Firefly (look wise), and the subject matter is pretty damn awesome. I loved the performances and the FX, and towards the end, I decided I must continue along with the series. Looking forwad to the rest of it.

3) They just don't make good action movies anymore since the Matrix came out. I was watching pre-Matrix action movies like The Negotiator, The Rock, and Executive Decision (Good call, T-Bone, and US Marshalls came on HBO right after it, making it a double feature from the director Stuart Baird). These movies are pretty badass, but they're not full of Wire-fu. They really on suspense and total bombardment of senses. But I miss them. Bruckheimer's too big now to make them like he used to, and Silver had the Matrix thing, but nowadays, it seems only Luc Besson is making anything close to these old action flicks. And he's not even directing them anymore. They are lost. It's a damn shame. Oh, and Executive Decision is a weird flick to watch when the World Trade Center movie just came out. Just sayin...

4) I didn't think it possible, but there was still a little bit of my heart left to be destroyed. Which it is now. Thank you V.

5) This doesn't count for the weekend, because it happened today, but I am now COMPLETELY MYSPACE FREE!!!! I confirmed it, and now my account with myspace is gone. I feel kind of bad. To all the people on there who ARE my friends and such, but the fact is, Myspace is evil. It wastes obscene amounts of time that can only be attributed to stalking. You create tension and anger with your placement of "Top 8" friends. You add friends like they're going out of style, and then don't even talk to them. You post your life for the world to see, and it usually consists of horrible poetry. And you wanna know something else? YOUR FRIEND'S BAND SUCKS!!! There, I said it. I don't give a shit if they're playing Zen Sushi in two weeks, they suck balls. Stop reminding me all the time to go see them. So it is with a proud heart that I gladly say "Fuck MySpace" and move on.

6) Rico and Shana make a mean Steak dinner, and a killer Ceaser salad.

7) I like the lady in the haircut place for staying open, and offering to cut it more if I don't like it after a few days... for free!

8) I need my groove back.

9) At least I'm not Screech. (This story gets even worse, but I can't find the link to when he got mugged at a motel this past week.

10) Despite what can only be called as the worst summer of my life since '02, at least the Mets are kicking some serious ass. Seriously. the only thing that's kept me going are these games, and the hope of Mets/Red Sox rematch: 20 Years Later. And here's hoping that the Dodgers keep it up too, so I can catch a live Mets game before the year's over. (Seeing as how SOMEONE already took my unofficial godson to his first game already without me, I need to catch a game soon).

So with that, I say, you should check out the Gamers review down below, and keep your eyes peeled for more fun updates I will likely post. (Gotta review Little Miss Sunshine, still).

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