Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A Lot Of Updates

Hey all, I know it's been awhile, and I apologize. Not exactly the greatest of times going on out here in the city of angels. There's a lot of crazy shyte going on, some good, some not so much, but all of it getting in the way of me being able to properly (and in a timely manner) post reviews of flicks and other interesting little movie tidbits.

Here's the lowdown of life:

WORK: Work sucks. Plain and simple. It's just full of disorganization and a severe lack of communication, which leads to inflated egos being bruised. (None more inflated than my own, I'll fess up). The good news is that the show is turning out to be a lot better than the dailies would lead me to believe, and while this is not exactly a show I'd force myself to sit down every week and watch, I wouldn't put it next to Chill Factor in my embarassing DVD shelf. And the directors are really cool folk, for the most part. Really cool people, and there's prime opportunity for a geek out coming next week with the director of the sixth episode.

(I'm not name dropping, for fear that some suits in head office might decide to GOOGLE their show, and suddenly my blog pops up, they see me trashing the show, then I get fired. Laugh all you want, I know a girl who got fired for that EXACT THING. Of course, she's a lot lazier than I am, and she spent all day on her MySpace blog bitching and moaning about her co-workers. I like my co-workers, at least.)

I will say this, though. I may have possibly turned a known director/writer into a Browncoat. Here's hoping. (And here's hoping he likes it enough to bring me back my copy of the flick).

SOCIAL LIFE: Non-existent. The girl doesn't call me anymore. It's horible, and the more time I dwell on it, the worse it gets, so I try to think about baseball instead.
(That sadly doesn't mean I've given up hope on her. Just that I finally have the Mets to get me through this time. Goddamn, they are kickin some ass this summer).

SCREENWRITING CAREER: Still non existent as well, but there's more progress (and hope) this time around. I have three scripts out there (two of which are collaborations, and one of those I have given to several readers of this site who I would appreciate feedback from.. hint hint). Hopefully they'll get out there and be seen and that will help lead to other things. I have about 5 other scripts in various stages right now, some in little notes in numerous notebooks, some actual script pages, some just a thread in my mind. I want to finish at least two of the these by the end of the year. I'm trying to get one of those progress bars to share with you how they are coming along. I'm still putting together all the fun stuff. Maybe I'll talk more about the writing process on each one, because I like mixing it up each time I write.

LA TRENDS: Finally deciding that my weight was getting in the way of certain things (like breathing and getting out of tight situations) I foolishly listened to ye old roomie Dan (he of DanSpeak, of which he's had some choice gems of late) and decided to begin the Master Cleanse. Ostensibly it's a good plan. You fast for ten days (or five days, or 14 days, however long you want) and you consume nothing but this concoction derived from lemons, water, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper. You calculate your weight, and how much you need to drink in a day. For me, it's a lot. about 150oz of this stuff a day. Luckily, it tastes alright. And it's kind of fun to make. But let me tell you right now, you want food. Any food. ANY!

I'm on day 3 of a 10 day jaunt, and yesterday was pretty bad, as I was prone to seeing things. (The "Dude battles a bee in his car" incident was choice material). But today is working out a little better. I still dream of steaks, and any time Red Lobster has a commercial, I throw something at my television. I might only last the five days, but if I make it to five, I may say, why not go for seven. Then if the seventh day is alright, what's three more days at that point?

The whole purpose of this torturous procedure is to clean out my entire system of wastes that have accumulated over 27 years of life. It's also supposed to help me lose some weight, amd fast, what with prom season right around the corner. I gotta fit in that dress somehow. But seriously, it sounds trendy, but it allows me one more thing to yell at Dan about. (Cigarette quitting was to occur at the same time, but after repeatedly threatening a (possibly non-existent) squirrel, I thought quitting smoking can wait until master cleanse is complete. I realize that I'm just adding more impurities by smoking, but I smoke a lot less now anyway. And it was much needed for the safety of those around me.

That's about all I have at the moment. Gonna have some Tweeners for you all soon, so you can lambast my opinions.

One last thing, though. I have a link for some truly awesome news in the world of Asian Cinema.


-Brady said...

Dude, you gotta send me the info on the fasting, cleansing thing. isn't Robbin on Howard Stern on that thing? I really would like to try it out. No Fooling. And I'll tell you my honest thoughts on the script in a second, I gotta do some animation with some kids first-

Formerly, The Dude Spoke said...

It's really easy. But I'm not sure about how much you'll need with your weight. I'm at 260, so I have to drink 150oz. I think Dan's like 200, and does 120`130oz. Basically, about a cup of FRESH lemon juice (squeeze those suckers yourself) and a cup of Grade B maple syrup (Grade B has more minerals, and natural sugar, and then about 100 oz of water. You can also add Cayenne pepper to help curb hunger cravings. But it makes the stuff kinda not that good to drink. Anyway, you drink nothing but that all day. Whenever you get hungry, pour yourself a cup and drink. Anytime you want food, stab yourself in the leg with a pencil. Oh, and at night, drink yourself a cup of laxative tea. It's a nice change of pace from lemons.

Seriously, our apartment smells of lemons. It's like a damn Jamba Juice in there. And then Maude gave me a box full of incense from her store, and it's a lot, so my place smells like incense and lemons.

Let it be known that I don't really recommend this master cleanse thing. I doubt the effects, until I see them for myself.

It should also be noted that the main reason I stick with it, instead of quitting like I do everything else except smoking, is to spite Dan. This is giving me loads of fodder to give him shit for.