Wednesday, February 29, 2012

June 8th Can't Come Fast Enough

I'm not one for viral marketing, I think it's pointless at best (As in the case with The Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises, which could just have a poster with a release date and nothing else and still make $200 in 3 days) and sad at worst (Most every other film or TV show trying to ape the success of Dark Knight by thinking it was because of the viral marketing campaign, and not, you know, quality storytelling and/or morbid fascination with the Heath Ledger final performance thing).
Why so seri.. oh. Right.

But I'm all for anything revolving around Prometheus, because that movie looks freaking sweet, and anything that reveals nothing about the plot or the film I'm all for, because I don't want to know anything until I'm sitting in a theater watching it unspool (or stream) before me!

Point is, here's some viral marketing for Prometheus that does just what I want it to. 

Since I'm in a Guy Pearce kinda mood, here's the other Pearce flick that's gonna kick our asses hardcore this year.

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Who gives a shit?
Set Up of last year's Oscars, taken from place where I once worked.

In the meantime, here are some movies that are pretty solid, and might still be playing.

It's like Steven Soderbergh took a script for a Steven Seagal flick circa 1992, and shot it like The Limey. Very solid, fun action flick, with a charismatic (if not all that great) performance from MMA fighter and non-actress Gina Carrano. Plus, an awesome David Holmes score.

Very calculated, very quiet, and very well done espionage drama. For everyone that's going on about the guy from The Artist giving an amazing performance because he does it without speaking, take a look at Oldman, who has like 3 lines, but owns the flick. That being said, I can't make a lick of sense with what happened.

Another solid flick. Good action, not too bad shaky cam/editing style. (Though sometimes you just want the DP to get a tripod and calm down). Exciting and intriguing enough to pass 2 hours away. Like a movie Tony Scott used to make.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Steve Jobs was terrible for the movies

Why? Because without a doubt, no matter where I go or what time of day, at least one jagoff at the movies always checks his iPhone in the middle of the movie.


This sense of self importance, this constant need to stay "jacked in" has gotta stop. Did we learn nothing from Strange Days, people?
Besides that the shaggy hair loser ex-cop would one day become Voldemort and rule us all?

Anyway, in addition to ruining movies and turning everyone into insufferable douchenozzles, they've also made commercials a lot more obnoxious. The most prevalent ad right now features a moron who decides to get a guitar, and has his robotic mistress Siri do all the hard work for him.

Thankfully, a wisenheimer on the interwebs went ahead a made a variation of the commercial that makes me smile.

That's right. Screw your iPhone, Apple!

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Low Cool Month Continues

Did you know that Brady has a pretty terrific podcast that he regularly records with his brother?

Did you know that I recorded a podcast with them both, the subject of which is "Low Cool"?

Why don't you check it out, and boost his numbers up a few more notches! It's quality listening, and if you listen to it while at the gym, you'll work out for almost a whole hour without realizing it!


Thursday, February 02, 2012

Third Low Cool Clip

HaHaHa!! Take THAT YouTube!!!

Here is the third clip of the epic slacker angst comedy that DEFINES that aughts: Low Cool- "Dinner With the Unwanted"
(seeking finishing funds)

LOW COOL (2003) - "Dinner With The Unwanted" from Michael Prince on Vimeo.