Monday, April 11, 2011

One more tweener... Win Win!

From the man who directed The Station Agent and The Visitor comes another great movie full of everything you love about movies. Great characters, great story, great acting, laughs, drama, heart, Bobby Cannavale, and a setting in New Jersey. (Even if it was shot in New York). The ending is a little too tidy and neat, but it doesn't matter. One of the best movies out there right now, and well worth checking out.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

How about some Tweeners?!?

Haven't seen too many flicks lately, but I did catch a few and here's my opinion of them:

Paul: I thought this was terrific nerdy goodness. Some people complained that it was too full of references to other movies and pot jokes to be entertaining, but I disagree. I thought the references were actually necessary for character development (as this is how they would talk) and there's one scene where they smoke pot.  Also, I'm convinced that Pegg and Edgar Wright need to work together again, as I think Pegg's sensibilities are what's missing from Scott Pilgrim, but are more evident here. (Obviously). All in all, though, I really enjoyed Paul. Seth Rogen should do more voice work, and everyone who complains that the FX are terrible need to actually pay attention and not just board hype/hate trains. (Like the one that's knocking down Sucker Punch and Your Highness).

Also, you can't beat any movie that references to Mac and Me AND Capturing the Friedmans. Especially if that joke is right before the small cowboy line. 

Cedar Rapids: Pretty good, entertaining enough flick, but if you've sen the preview, you know most of the jokes already, which is a shame. Very slight, but still fun, and it actually has a core sweetness to it that's not pandering to mid-West folks, which is refreshing. In the beginning you think it's gonna be jokes about rubes who have faith, but ultimately it wins you over. Still, no need to rush out, it'll make a fine home viewing experience.

The King's Speech: Finally saw this, the last of the Best Picture nominees (and the eventual winner). What a good film! I can see how it won Best Picture over Facebook movie, and rightfully so. Like 127 Hours, you actually feel something after it's over. You see the man overcome his problems, you see his friendship with the doctor blossom amidst adversity, you see the epic scale of the war and of England's problems, and at the end, you feel good about yourself and humanity. You don't come out just thinking "Wow, what a well made movie." Performances are great across the board, direction is tight, some camera lenses are a bit weird, but who cares? Well worth checking this movie out, and well worth all the awards it did garner.