Friday, September 30, 2011

Movies that have come out that I somehow managed to see.

This movie is like a European art house version of The Transporter. It starts off hypnotic and meditative, fetishizing shots of Los Angeles like nobody's business. Complete with a soundtrack that should pay Tangerine Dream for the inspiration. Then it gets insanely violent. Throw in great performances from Ryan Gosling as the nameless Driver, Albert Brooks as a menacing heavy, and Ron Perlman as the Ron Perlman character, and you have yourself an awesome movie. Well worth the hype and reviews that have been lavished upon it.


Here's what you need to know about this movie: It's from Hong Kong, it's structured like a pretty awesome film noir, it has a terrific lead performance from Andy Lau, because it's from Hong Kong every character needlessly flips around when simple walking would suffice, and there's actually a character named Donkey Wang. It's a fun flick, and if you get a chance, see it on a big screen. IT probably won't happen, but it was definitely one of the better FX-heavy flicks I saw all summer. (Even if I saw it at the end of summer).


Man, this movie should have been awesome. Chev Chelios pitted against Shoot Em Up?!!? And the trailer features Rock Me Like A Hurricane, and features Statham tied to a chair and kickin some dude's ass!?!?! SOLD! Alas, it turns out the film is more like a poor man's Munich. While not necessarily bad, it's not really that good either. One thing to point out, everyone's bitching out Clive Owen's mustache, but nobody bothers pointing out that the movie takes place in 1981, where those creepy staches were a sign of the times. 


I liked this movie. I thought Rudd was charming and a lot of fun. The ending is WAY too pat and tidy, but a movie like this, you just enjoy the ride. That's all I really have to say about that.