Monday, May 20, 2013

Iron Man's good, Star Trek's good, Oblivion's good...

Those are the only theatrical flicks I've seen since Spring Breakers. I enjoyed each one. I found them all entertaining, visually pleasing, and not overly long or serious.

If I were to choose a "best" out of them, the edge goes to Iron Man, only because he's barely Iron Man at all, and halfway through it kinda becomes Lethal Weapon 5. Star Trek was damn entertaining, but there was something I felt lacking, though this could be due to the headache the 3D Lie-max produced.

And Oblivion was fun in a sterile 70s sci-fi way, even if I liked it better when it was called Moon.

Anyway, that's what I feel about that. Catching up on flicks, I really liked Cloud Atlas and The Guilt Trip, mostly because I viewed them on a plane and they distracted me from flying. (Even if a plane explodes in Cloud Atlas). And if you haven't seen A Perfect Getaway yet, do so. Highly entertaining.

That's what I got. Here's a picture of MacGruber.