Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Trip Down Memory Lane

First there was this. It started as a contest, then just became the de facto policy trailer.

Then, one fateful day in May 1993, they went and pulled a switcheroo.

Then 4 years later, they made this replacement, which was less of a shock.

Even if there is the cannibalistic nature of a soda drinking another soda.

As a former General Cinema loyalist, I tend to have some nostalgia for these old things. Especially since they don't exist anymore, all bought out by AMC.

There's a theater in Sherman Oaks, CA, though that was a former GCC theater (It's Pacific Theaters now) that never upgraded the carpets or design, so it's occasionally awesome to go there and bathe in uncomfortable seats and nostalgia.

There Are No Other Movies... There Is Only MAD MAX FURY ROAD

This is merely a fraction of the awesomeness that is Mad Max Fury Road.

Words can't do justice to it. It's amazing, near-perfect, gorgeous, exhilarating...

Just go see it. On as big a screen as possible.