Friday, February 24, 2012

Steve Jobs was terrible for the movies

Why? Because without a doubt, no matter where I go or what time of day, at least one jagoff at the movies always checks his iPhone in the middle of the movie.


This sense of self importance, this constant need to stay "jacked in" has gotta stop. Did we learn nothing from Strange Days, people?
Besides that the shaggy hair loser ex-cop would one day become Voldemort and rule us all?

Anyway, in addition to ruining movies and turning everyone into insufferable douchenozzles, they've also made commercials a lot more obnoxious. The most prevalent ad right now features a moron who decides to get a guitar, and has his robotic mistress Siri do all the hard work for him.

Thankfully, a wisenheimer on the interwebs went ahead a made a variation of the commercial that makes me smile.

That's right. Screw your iPhone, Apple!

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R.BillMountain said...

I haven't been in a movie theatre in 2 months, mostly because of douchebags with phones, as well as douchebags of all ages who can't keep their f'ing mouths shut. I yelled at a guy in The Descendants, that was it for me. Really done with it, I'll see the damn thing 4 months later. I teach my students that texting during a film is a dick move, but it helps that I can take their phone away in my class (and I do). When the hell is a Drafthouse opening near me?

The Dude Speaks said...

Fun fact: Last night, when they showed Jobs during the Death Montage at the Oscars, I booed, partially out of this article and partially just to be a jerk. And my buddy who used to work for the Apple seemed genuinely shocked at my response.

I then launched into pretty much this article, and he backed down.

It should be noted, he was on his iPhone for a good portion of the ceremony. Fuckin guy.