Wednesday, February 29, 2012

June 8th Can't Come Fast Enough

I'm not one for viral marketing, I think it's pointless at best (As in the case with The Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises, which could just have a poster with a release date and nothing else and still make $200 in 3 days) and sad at worst (Most every other film or TV show trying to ape the success of Dark Knight by thinking it was because of the viral marketing campaign, and not, you know, quality storytelling and/or morbid fascination with the Heath Ledger final performance thing).
Why so seri.. oh. Right.

But I'm all for anything revolving around Prometheus, because that movie looks freaking sweet, and anything that reveals nothing about the plot or the film I'm all for, because I don't want to know anything until I'm sitting in a theater watching it unspool (or stream) before me!

Point is, here's some viral marketing for Prometheus that does just what I want it to. 

Since I'm in a Guy Pearce kinda mood, here's the other Pearce flick that's gonna kick our asses hardcore this year.

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