Monday, August 07, 2006

Best Day in Three Months!

Master cleanse is done. I get to eat soup today!!!

Saw a bunch of really good (and some not so good) movies over the weekend!!!
They include: Jersey Girl, Hoffa, I Like It Like That, Collateral (I have a condition that forces me to watch this movie whenever it's on, no matter what scene it is. It's the same with LA Confidential, and sadly enough, Alien Vs. Predator), House of Wax (remake), The Ring 2, Field of Dreams, The Long Goodbye, Gamers, Little Miss Sunshine. (I didn't leave much, as the lemons kept calling me.)

And now, I have this to send you off to. After years of waiting, someone finally answered my letters!

And just because I have a blog, and I used to do this all the time with my retched MySpace blog, I'm currently listening to this and this, cleverly positioned on my itunes for just such an occasion.

I'll have some reviews up for Sunshine and Gamers in the next few hours/days (Work is getting stupid and needy, just like me).


-Brady said...

The only reason I am living in New York is so that I can escape from it as soon as it becomes a island prison.

Formerly, The Dude Spoke said...

Sadly, if you go to AICN, they debunk this myth.

And I put my eyepatch in it's resting place.

And I foolishly watched Escape From LA last night. On VHS, no less.

T-Bone said...

You're better off with it on VHS anyway. you don't want to see the effects in that surfing scene any clearer than they already are.