Thursday, August 10, 2006

OK, I was wrong.

So, due to my joy at the potential news, it failed to occur to me that Escape From Earth is something that will NOT actually happen. And the story I posted the other day is not indeed true.

Which is a damn shame. The world needs Snake Plissken, even if it is about him leaving said world.


In other news, I've heard from about four or five people who are doing this horrible master cleanse thing, or at least want to do it. What about my lunacy made you think that it would be a good idea? I still have lemon scented nightmares laced with cayenne pepper demons. It's stupid, and I'm not even sure it was 100% beneficial. (although, I liked hearing that thing about my skin, but that's because I rarely can take a compliment). The point is, it's ludicrous. Much like the popular rapper/actor. Who kicked ass in Hustle and Flow.

You know, it IS hard out here for a pimp.

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-Brady said...

yeah, I decided that maybe starting to exercise again and eat healthy would be better than just drinking lemonsuruppeper.