Thursday, July 19, 2007

It's a pretty stupid title...

...But this WAR movie looks pretty badass.

My favorite part of the trailer is "Jet Li and Jason Statham Are... At... WAR!" It makes it sound like those good Seagal titles back in the day, when the preview could say that Seagal was Out For Justice, or Hard To Kill, or Marked For Death. In fact, they all made sense until Under Siege 2: Dark Territory. (But that movie just kicked ass).

The only thing about WAR that I don't like is the absence of the name Luc Besson anywhere related to this project. Statham and Li are perfect for Besson, and this is the movie that could use the daft touch that made Unleashed and the Transporter series so damn bossome. Still, it's nice to see Statham and Li fighting each other. Not since The One have we been so blessed.

Off topic: I met the director of The One (he directed Final Destination 1 and 3, and I met him at the screening of the latter), and I asked him "When are we gonna get The Two?" It took him a second, but he got a good chuckle out of it. Then he informed me that apparently, Jet Li has thought of it time and time again, and has it written entirely in his head. But it will never be made. That was all he said.

Off the off topic: Check out the ads for this and tell me it's not blatantly hoping that people mistake it for 300 which is available the same day.


turkish forever said...

Turkish is it

Formerly, The Dude Spoke said...

Indeed, Turkish is Forever. Hopefully Guy Ritchie puts him in another movie. And hopefully this Revolver movie will finally come out over here.

-Brady said...

I love the review on the front cover of Nomad the Warrior: "one Enormous action sequence after another." and check out how and where he is holding that sword. it is "enormous".
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