Monday, May 21, 2007

Hey, remember when I used to write reviews of movies?

I still do it occasionally. Sometimes, I get backed up and have to write a lot of them at once. And sometimes, the website that asks me for my reviews doesn't like my concept of the "tweener", making my life difficult, as I have to write an actual review. Stupid world.

Regardless, I stayed up late, and have posted reviews to four flicks out there. Well, three and one flick that will be coming to a video store near you, because it's pretty crappy, but it has an amazing performance, and it satisfies my blood lust against reality TV winners.

I'll give you brief overviews, and let you click on the links for the whole review.

Lake Dead: I've had to sit through a lot of crappy horror movies. This one is tolerable thanks to a great performance and a cute girl. (Story of my life)

28 Weeks Later: Freaked my shit out. In the metaphorical sense of the term, thank Christ.

Severance: British horror comedy that's entertaining, even if it doesn't reach Shaun levels of amazing.

(Did I mention I made Simon Pegg laugh?)

DayWatch: In a word, Bossome.

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