Saturday, April 21, 2007

Coolest Moment Ever

This evening, I attended a screening of Hot Fuzz (which is still just as good as the first time), which was followed by a Q&A with Edgar Wright. Our seats were in the very front row, but it being the Arclight, front row kicks ass and it got us closer to the action.

But first Eli Roth was called up, and he introduced Jack Black. Black praised Hot Fuzz to end, then introduced... Quentin Tarantino. (The story goes Black and Tarantino just showed up to see the previous show, and stuck around because they dug the flick so much). Then Tarantino intorduced... SIMON PEGG!!!! AND NICK FROST!!!! AND EDGAR WRIGHT!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!! And whoever asked a question was given a DVD of Bad Boys 2 presented by Eli Roth and later, Tarantino.

I did not ask a question (although I'm kicking myself for not asking "Can I get any of cunts a drink?". That would have been Tarantino/Bad Boys 2 worthy).

No, the coolest thing that happened was this: So QT introduces Simon Pegg, who comes out, then Nick Frost comes out. Simon gives Nick a smooch on the cheek. There are some laughs, and some awws, but not much. Me, being the wiseass I am, shout "Gaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy!", straight out of Shaun. And then the greatest moment ever happened.

Simon Pegg heard me, and genuinely cracked up at my joke. I made Simon Pegg laugh.

It was unbelievably rad.

UPDATE: 4-22-07
Completely forgot to mention that before I even got in the theater, I managed to shake Edgar Wright's hand and introduce myself. A very fine moment.

Immediately proceeding this, Quentin Tarantino and Jack Black came out of the theater, talking excitedly about Jack and Coke (I hope it's the drink), and Quentin almost hit me. That was sort of neat, but not as much as the handshake and the making Simon Pegg laugh.

Goddamn I'm awesome.


Ms. Oomi said...

I heard Zoe Bell was in attendance?

Formerly, The Dude Spoke said...

Indeed, Ms. Zoe Bell was in attendance, as was my #1 hottie of the moment, Ms. Roasrio Dawson. (But she's dating Eli Roth, so I missed the boat on that one. It would help if I was famous.)

But Zoe was there, and that was awesome. The whole evening was one of the greatest evenings ever.