Thursday, April 26, 2007

LostSpeak: 4-26-07

First, I thought the ending was really cool with the two revelations. Second, I don't trust the Russian, and not just because he was the bad guy in Toy Soldiers. Third, I'm starting to cast some doubt over Jack, which frightens me a little. Fourth, stop messing with my head when it comes to Juliet. No shades of grey, dammit.

Let us discuss ridiculous theories of the week.

(In other, non-Lost related news, Fox saw it fit to cancel yet another Nathan Fillion/Tim Minear show. Drive was cancelled after four episodes. I did not watch the show, mainly for fear that my enjoyment of it would almost ensure cancellation. Alas, I discover that, much like with the universe, my actions are inconsequential and I don't matter. I'll try to catch the show. I saw parts, like the concept, love the cast. But the theme music is really lame, especially when you compare it to the Firefly theme.

Take my love, take my land....)

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