Sunday, April 22, 2007

Some fun things to start the week off right.

A mighty huzzah to you all! I just have a few things to share for your weekly enjoyment. One is this nice little PG-rated version of "300"

Then there's this fun little piece to get us all psyched for Spiderman 3, as well as a myriad of sequels and product placements that we're gonna have to face this summer.

And finally, I have a nice little link to an article from Time magazine (Freakin' Time magazine! You know, the publication that made YOU and ME their "Person of the Year"? Shenanigans!) I enjoy this because it's the first time that Time has addressed the "Fanboy" contigency, which is a lovely and defining piece that makes me feel justified loving the films I love, and saying what I say about them. I rule.

(And because I haven't mentioned it yet in this post, I made Simon Pegg laugh)

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