Wednesday, April 25, 2007

One step closer to living in the Sci-Fi world of my dreams.

On the one hand, I'm actually kind of happy about this news. But since I have of late become a grumpy, cynical, pessimistic misanthrope (Orat least I always was one and events have pushed me towards letting the beast out for air once in awhile... that sounds a little rude, but it made me laugh, so fuck off it stays), I can only think that due to the cultural changes due to the current President's administration, in addition to the general dumbing down of humanity, this is just going to become another place for us to put our crap.

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-Brady said...

sure, intead of fixing this planet, lets go to a bigger one and start to destroy that one, We hardly recycle trash, why recycle planets, just throw them away when we're done with them. I hope everyone does go to this other planet, I'll stay here and finally get some peace and quiet.
Hold Fast-