Saturday, May 12, 2007

Two Interesting Things I found on Ye Olde Internet

I tried to copy the posters and display them here, but it wasn't allowed. Instead, I'm gonna send you over to the site, and you can see some "grindhouse" style posters of serious movies. Some are really good. Some are weak. But it's worthwhile checking out, especially if you're, say, procrastinating from doing your actual work, and need to kill a lot of time. Quite useful. And the project still hasn't gotten anything done.

And second, Chad Vader #8 is upon us. I'll put it here for now, but if you haven't seen 1-7, check those out first over at You Tube.

Oh, and If anyone's played the Spiderman 3 game, and has anything to share about it's awesomeness (or lack thereof considering the movie), please drop me a line. And that person and I can talk about Lost as well, because I've been slacking in my LostSpeak of late. (I was also gonna do HeroesSpeak, but I'm waiting for that to be done for the season).
(Goddamn, I'm a dork)

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tlevers00 said...

I bought Spidey3 but only got through the hilariously funny Bruce Campbell tutorial. I have since been sept up in the wave of the phenomenon which is Guitar Hero.