Thursday, May 03, 2007

Happy Birthday to the blog

I've officially kept up this blog for a year now. Go me and all my bosomeness. Feel free to check out the archives, and look at my pathetic previous blogs. (They're the ones that lack pictures. I can't even begin to remember those primitive times.)

I enjoy maintaining this blog. I have fun with it, and I hope all you readers enjoy it. All you readers being my friends whom I force to read my blog constantly. But you keep reading it, and for that I thank you. Thanks again for all the comments, when they work, as well. Keep leaving them, and I'll keep trying to make it work.

This is a sexy Ms. Pac Man.

I'm going to continue using my blog as my own personal MySpace... but better! I'm trying to have good news that isn't an April Fool's prank, so finger's crossed everyone. I feel an upswing coming (it's about damn time) so you'll be able to hear about all the awesome things FIRST, right here! (Although it'll be tough to top making Simon Pegg laugh, but we'll try).

Never forget: I rule!

UPDATE: Oh, and because he's such a great guy, I'm willing to share the blog's birthday with one Michael Shannon. Fan. Filmmaker. Father. Still photographer on the set of Low Cool. I tried to find a picture that he took and put it here randomly, but those pictures are on the other computer. So, I hope you don't think this is mocking you, but it is out of respect and glory. All hail the Mike Shannon's birth as well as my blog's birth.

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