Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mike Shannon

I mentioned it was his birthday the other day. I also mentioned he took some nice shots for Low Cool. I couldn't find them on the one computer the other day, so I put up a poster of the Proposition instead. Well, I scoured for them, and found one.
This is the largest size I can show it at, too. Sorry.

I know I have more, but I can't find them. This, however, is a pretty badass shot of me circa 2002, trying to be more like Kevin Smith with every waking moment. (Complete with the Mooby Hat). I believe I used this picture in my personal ad on the Onion. Because all chicks dig the smokin' fat bastard.

(Sadly, they still don't. Who would have thought?)

Oooh, I found another one!

Mike Shannon didn't take this next picture, but it's also of a Mike, so it felt fitting to put it in.

(It comes from a frame in the film, and the man responsible for the picture is Pavlus, but since his name isn't Mike, it didn't feel right to include him)

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