Wednesday, May 23, 2007

LostSpeak: 5-23-07

So... were they flashbacks? Flash forwards? Flashes to an alternate universe? And was that beard just shy of ridonkulous, or what? I'm torn, because it was a pretty badass episode, but it ended so strange, and now we have to wait until January until anything is answered again.

Oh, and the next time we see Walt, is he gonna be 30, or what?

That being said, the Charlie/Desmond stuff was really cool. And I liked Hurly bringing the van back into the fray. And Sawyer drinking the beer from said van.

But above all, I liked the girl that was working for The Others in the beginning. The one who realizes there's nobody in the tents. She wields a hypedermic syringe that looks like it's filled with Ecto-Cooler.
Her name is Roxanne Day. She's also familiar to viewers of 24 (4th Season), or for a brief moment in Art School Confidential. (Honestly, she's the best part). I know her because she worked at the courier job with me. I worked with her for maybe a few weeks, then she left. But ever since, when I go on delivery, and they find out what company I work for, they always ask about her. Most likely because I'm nowhere near as attractive as she is.

But they don't always have to rub it in, do they?


-Brady said...

I hope that wasn't "Jack"'s real beard because it sucked.
I agree the episode was kinda cool, but the ending made me mad because of the clif hanger like bull crap. I mean, does this show really need more cliffhanger endings. I think this would have been a better 1st episode for the new season.
Hold Fast-

-Brady said...

And Jacks Dad still seems to be alive? but let's say we take the Quantum physics model into account. If indeed they went "back in time" that does not mean they came back in the same universe they where originally in. If you have a time machine, that means you also have parallel universes. They could not come back to a world were they were already dead so they would have to be in a world where the plane crashed but was not found or nobody was killed. They might have come back to a world where Jacks Dad is still alive, remember we did see him on the island. Suppose Kate is with the man she left, the cop or even the airplane kid. Maybe to Jack they were not supposed to get off the island and come back in this world, but to Kate this world is a second chance, that's why she wants to be back.
What do you think-
Hold Fast-

-Brady said...

Here's what Bree found:
someone posted regarding the newspaper clipping,


Man found d(eceased/ead)
downtown loft

The body of J--- -antham of
New York was found shortly after 4
a.m. in the --- of Grand
The -- a de--- man at The
Tower --- --- heard loud
noises --- -- m's loft.
Co --------- uncovered the
--- the from a beam in the
--- bedroom

Hold Fast-

Formerly, The Dude Spoke said...

Good points all around, man. Thanks for finding that obit, I forgot to mention the thing about his father being alive as the alternate universe theory.

And I'm thinking Juliette is in the coffin.

Oh, and I had a sneaking suspicion about her when she let the badass dude from Country Bears live, only to have Sawyer plug him. She seemed a little screwed by that.

You think Charlie's really gone? And can a grenade really be activated underwater? And how come one eye is always dying, but not really?

And why is Batmanuel still alive?

T-Bone said...

Can't it just be that Jack's father is dead and that he was so hopped up on pain killers and booze that he was having some sort of crazy freak out?

And, I don't think Juliet was in the COffin. People would have been at her funeral. My first guess after reading the newspaper clipping was that it was Jacob. But the coffin is kind of small and that doesn't jive with the rumor that Ron Perlman is playing Jacob. (That may not be true anyway) Second thought is Ben, it would be a fitting end for him to get ripped from the island, change his name and then hang himself. No one would go to his funeral and he's quite short.