Friday, October 20, 2006

Still alive...

Still alive. Made the drive in one piece, thanks to all who called and kept me sane. I was smart enough to know that when the voices in my head made sense, it was time to pull over. I'll have a full update soon, most likely when I return to LA. There will be many a funny story to tell, and I need the time to make it sound less like Chuck Klosterman as possible.

Anyway, the reunion is tomorrow, so that shall provide hours of entertainment. In addition to the unbelievably bitchin Halloween costume, which I shall try and post a picture of.

Anyway, I'm not gonna lie as to the intoxicated state I happen to be in at the moment. And I'm gonna apologize in advance for any calls and/or texts anyone may get due to this.

Oh, and if anyone feels like calling to entertain me during the drive back, feel free. They are most helpful.

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