Thursday, October 05, 2006

LOST is back on the air. (Spoilers abound)

Alright, this is goin out to my faithful readers who love Lost, and who want to discuss it. I tried this last year, towards the end, but y'all didn't keep up with it. I'm looking in an Eastwardly direction, towards the NJ/NY area.

Anyway, last night, Lost began the third season. In a ballsy move, totally unprecedented in the series up to this point, they really didn't answer any questions. They showed a whole bunch of cool stuff, and they kind of hinted at things here and there, but it's still a little angering. Still no explanation as to why it's the three of them captured (and why Hurley's let go), or why they're in their respective "cages" if you will. (Although the Sawyer bit was kind of neat, in a Rube Goldberg induced kinda way).

The episode set up a lot of good things, and it truly was an engrossing hour of television, even if it felt like a half hour of it was devoted to commercials. I'm hoping they keep up the intrigue but answer some more stuff. And I'm sure, as someone back east might be quick to point out, there are a lot of details and clues hidden within frames that I just can't see because I have yet to get into the Tivo revolution, and our video tape is kind of on it's last legs, making pausing and studying rather difficult. Regardless, I like the "Hydra" base camp a lot. They gave off a few hints as to the "where did this come from" aspect of the show. And while they don't give the broader answer, the immediate will suffice provided that the show doesn't pull the Twin Peaks.

Please, let us discuss theories below.


T-Bone said...

Dude, answers abound.

We now know where tehDharam shark came from. We know the make up and the style of the Otehrs "civilization". We know "Fenry's" real name. (That's the fake Henry Gale for those not keeping up.) We know how Ethan and Goodwin came to be at the crash sites, and we know why walt was all wet in Shannon's visions.

You'll start getting other answers next week when we get away from teh captives, to those left behind.

Becca said...

We also learned that if an autistic kid eats sand from his sand box, he might get worms.

oh wait, sorry. that was on HOUSE. i forgot that I don't watch LOST.

Formerly, The Dude Spoke said...

Little answers, yes. (I liked the line about the bears figuring out the trap quicker than Sawyer.)

But c'mon, most of those answers you and I could have guessed. Fenry (like that, by the way) just ordering Ethan and Goodwin to get to the crash sites seems kind of anti climactic.

Don't get me wrong, the episode was great. And I still love the show just as much. I just want more significant answers before they throw a whole bunch of new stuff our way.

But you're right. I'm sure all will be revealed in due time. And that once we get back to the rest of the survivors, all will be good again.

Let me ask you this: In the flashback, Jack calls the numbers in his ex's phone, like a good psycho should, and he calls his dad's phone. Now, we the audience are instantly assuming that his father is the guy Jack's ex is banging. Are we too conditioned for stuff like that?

Secondary to that thought: When it was revealed later on that Jack's father WASN'T the guy, is that Abrams being smarter than us?

Think about it.

T-Bone said...

I thought the underwater hatch was a pretty damn big answer.

And actually, my first instinct was that his wife had just been bitching to his dad about Jack. Maybe I’m just na├»ve. It took me a minute to catch on, and I never really bought it. Especially with the over the top reaction. I knew Jack would be “learning a lesson” this episode.

Don’t worry about getting back to the old school Lostiness, though. From what I hear, the fourth episode is a particularly juicy Locke episode, in which we will be seeing him return to his old pre-hatch crazy man of the woods self.