Friday, October 13, 2006

Grammer question...

I see this a lot, and I always think it's wrong, but given the incredible frequency with which I see it, I'm starting to think that it MIGHT be right.

Sometimes, I see people write "Should of" or "Would of". Isn't it "Should've" or "Should have"? (Likewise "Would've", etc)

Am I crazy? Did I miss a memo?


-Brady said...

If I'm writing fast I'll write "of" instead of "have" but if I go back and check, I'll change it. I just think people don't give a crap, which is a big problem with the world. I also bought a Kilt today, it's awesome.
Hold Fast

Formerly, The Dude Spoke said...

You're so cool, dude. And I'm not being sarcastical.

Becca said...

you did not miss the memo ... most people CAN'T SPELL. how many times have you seen your instead of "you're" aka "you are"

i rest my case

Lanz99 said...

Yes, you're crazy. But not in this instance. ;)

Definitely comes from the way people slur it when they say it. Not many actually say it "should have" but instead "should've" and that seems to end up as "should of" in writing. It irked me to no end when marking uni papers. ;)

Road trip, woohoo!