Monday, October 30, 2006

The short version

I promise a much much longer version of my journies (not to be confused with Journey, whom I saw share a stage with Def Leppard LIVE at the Hollywood Bowl right before I left, which ROCKED!!) but the short version is, I finally made it back to La with plenty of time to spare before the Halloween party, to show off an awesome costume I made with Maude. If I can figure out how to post pictures (because there was no embedded video of my actions, thank christ) I'll put it up for all to see.

But I learned a few things on this road trip:

1) It takes 27 hours non stop from Memphis to Los Angeles.

2) Driving those 27 straight hours is not the smartest of ideas.

3) Coming off said 27 hours to a house that doesn't contain your bed (or any real bed for that matter) sucks worse than a {Insert disgusting oral sex joke here}.

4) The Departed? Pretty fuckin good. REALLY fuckin good, actually.

5) Trip sure would have been better if I had a travelling companion. (But many thanks to all of you who called or texted or both to keep me awake and relatively sane.)

6) I'm not Chuck Klosterman, but you could have fooled me at times.

7) My old favorite bar, The Winchester, now sucks, as they've remodeled, accepted kareoke, banned smoking, and taken away the section of the bar where I carved my name. But they kept my 11 Up high score, so I can forgive them. For now...

8) Now that Jersey instituted the no smoking in bars policy, and given that most of my friends have quit smoking, I didn't miss cigarettes at all. And I could smell things again! Something to ponder.

9) I came up with an AWESOME new script idea, hopefully I can get paid for it. Too bad I can't stand the sound of my voice on my recorder to listen to what I came up with. C'est la vie.

10) Becca RULES!!! Not only did we enjoy having a little fun at my classmate's expense (She's either my common-law wife, or my anarchic "non-wife" who doesn't believe in marriage, but either way is 2 weeks pregnant with my child), but she went and got me the greatest birthday present EVER: Tickets to Evil Dead The Musical, which happens to be the greatest show I've ever seen. I'll do a full report later, but if you go to Ain't It Cool, you can find a rave review that pretty much sums up what I would say about it.

11) Jersey's got the greatest pizza. Deal with it.

12) We're not gonna talk about the Mets yet.

Those are small observations. The longer version will come in various pieces as soon as I get settled into the new apartment, which we officially move into on Wednesday. Once that dust settles, I'll get back on the writing train and may even scrounge up some cash to see a movie to review. Oh, and I'll also list my entire musical selection for the trip, which I plotted out and kept track of, because I'm a weirdo.

But let's be honest, that's why you love me.


Becca said...


& I'm a horrible mother to be so drunk while 2 wks pregnant!

Formerly, The Dude Spoke said...

Indeed you are. Pop-pop and Noni will be most displeased