Monday, October 09, 2006

Is Zach Snyder the greatest director out there?

At least of the current crop of young turks. Sure he's only officially made two movies, and only one of them has been released. But that movie was the remake of Dawn of the Dead. I know some people who hate this movie with a passion solely because it called itself Dawn of the Dead, feeling it a betrayal of the original. Oddly enough, those people would love the movie (and they've said this to me) if it were named something else.

Fact is, those people are idiots. Recently, I happened upon Dawn and realized how damn brilliant the film is. Very little is wasted. And it has one of the greatest openings of a movie in all time. Try and prove me wrong. Go ahead.

That's right, you can't.

So, nearly three years later, we're still wondering what's gonna happen with Zach Snyder.

He went the Sin City route and made a Frank Miller adaptation, in digital environments.

It's "300"

And it will kick you in the junk. Hard.

And just to sweeten Snyder's deal with us, he's taking on Watchmen. And recent reports of what he has in mind sound all kinds of hot rod.


-Brady said...

That trailer just kick my ass.

T-Bone said...

I watched that trailer last week. It looks awesome. Its just about the best looking trailer Ive seen in...well since I watched the Pan's Labyrinth trailer the week before.

Seriously, between those two movies and The Fountain...

I really wish I still did drugs.