Sunday, October 15, 2006

On the road again...

Yes indeed, in about a half hour, I begin the journey back home to NJ for food folks and fun. And a high school reunion. That should be... interesting.

I'll try and update from the road, provided I can get interenet connections and such. Plus, I have to get my review of Little Children up. Perhaps that will be a little later. (Long story short: It's GOOD)

Wish me luck. And seeing as how mostly only my friends read this blog, I'll give up a PLEASE CALL ME WHILE I'M ON THE ROAD!! Seriously, I'm gonna be mad bored out there. Last time I drove by myself, but Dan was in the car behind me. (although, it will be nice to see what's behind me, as opposed to last time.)

Alright, so all my music is packed and ready (that was an ardous task, and took longer than packing my clothes. And I have about 200 CDs with me. See Deez Nuts), I have all of Rob's stuff to return for him, and I know where my towel is.

Looks like all I have to do is get in the car and start driving.

Later everybody.


shaygo said...

it's ot just rob's stuff. . .it's mine to. and as excited as i am to get it back -- i'm more excited to see you. . .unlike rob who just wants hist stuff back. what a jerk.

shaygo said...

and by ot i mean not