Thursday, October 12, 2006

Lost - Season 3, Week 2 (spoilers within)

Not a big fan of the Sun/Jin flashbacks, any of them really through all the seasons. It divides too much time between them, and lately, it's kind of the same thing. Jin does horrible things for Sun's father, and he doesn't really like doing them. I get it.

However, these were a bit more interesting, and as always, I'm hoping they contain a bigger payoff.

Speaking of payoffs, however, I gotta say the last five minutes of this episode are top notch. Henry Gale, or Benjamin Linus I guess, dropping his very creepy guard when convincing Jack that the Boston Red Sox won the world series was one of those great little character moments. And the other information he revealed to Jack made me sit up in my chair.

And that chair is a Lay-Z-Boy. And it leans heavily to the right.

I also sat up straight upon Sun's actions on the boat. That was mighty cool. And with Sawyer and Kate's situation. Damn, I love Sawyer. Not in a Julian MacMahon way, though.

I have three problems with Lost thus far this season, mostly minor stuff, but one big thing: (minor ones first)

1) The flashbacks are nowhere near as interesting as what's happening to them all on the island. Not anymore, anyway.

2) Goddamn it, show Mr. Eko!!! (Yes, I realize they'll be in next week's, but still. Last season's opening 2 spent one with Jack and them, and the next with what happened on the boat with Sawyer, Jin and Micahel. You can mix it up, it's ok.

3) (the big one) Is it me, or are there FAR too many commercial breaks? At one point, it felt like Lost was the commercial break, because it was way too short. It's driving me nuts. SEE DEEZ NUTS! It feels weird, and is pretty distracting. Am I just going crazy? Am I getting old and senile? Do I long for the days of yesteryear? Well, that one's a given, obviously. Grrrrr...

On the plus side, one of those commercials was Rico's Wendy's commercial, so it was nice to see him on the small screen.

This part is for T-bone: I'm not being negative towards Lost. I still think it's one of the greatest shows on TV. It's a lot like my review of King Kong last year. I wasn't overly enthusiastic in my writings, but I do quite love it. I nitpick because frankly, that's in the written agreement of writing a blog. I must be snarky and point out flaws. This season is quite kickass, and I'm sure the next 4 episodes will be fine, until the season goes on hiatus to piss us off. Brrrraaaaffffffff!!!!!!

Speaking of segues: TNT ran the Alias episode with Ricky Gervais as the bombmaker tonight. I never saw that one. Damn, Gervais is a great actor.

If anyone feels like discussing last night's Lost, that's what the comments are for.

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-Brady said...

I don't have much time to talk now, but 2 things real quick:
1. effing a, I thought that was Rico on that wendy's commercial,
2. You are totally right about the flash backs not being as interesting as what is going on on the Island. Later-
Hold Fast