Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Ralph Waite: Maniacal Genius

Let me take you on a journey through time. 13 years ago, to be precise. (Well, to be completely precise, it was thirteen and a half years). A small indepedent movie opened up in a few cinemas much to the delight of cineaste lovers across the globe.

It was called Cliffhanger.

And it was a piece of crap. But a FUN piece of crap.

Now, there's been something in the film that has bothered me since the beginning. My good friend Rico (aka RoGray) pointed out, in the theater, something ludicrous. The opening scene consists of high drama, as a girl is clutching Sylvester Stallone's hand over probably at least a 10,000 foot drop. Sly's out on the line, but back at the helicopter, trying to hold the cable tight, are Michael "The Rook" Rooker and Ralph Waite. The girl that's about to die (oh... spoiler) is dating The Rook, so The Rook is obviously concerned and distraught, doing what he can to try and save her life while Stallone is out on the line.

But not Ralph Waite. No no.

Good old Ralph is having the time of his life.

Rico was quick to point this out upon first viewing, as he saw this grinning madman on a 30 foot screen.

So while the girl is plummeting to her death, good ole' Ralph seems to be enjoying the macabre scene.

FUN NON-FACT: Ralph Waite's first name is pronounced "Rafe", like famed actor Ralph Fiennes, And Rolph, from the Muppets.


Rob said...

Ralph Waite rules!

And scares the hell out of me...

shaygo said...

do you feel like ralph waite sometimes? is that why you are so intrigued by it?

Formerly, The Dude Spoke said...

I feel like him every day. That smile guides me in every decision I make.

Like burning things.

Formerly, The Dude Spoke said...

Oh, and that last bit about his name isn't true at all.