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Box Office Report: 11-19-06

Dude here again, giving you the mubers that you need. Desire. Dare I say... crave? Or not. Perhaps you don't care. It's entirely up to you.

This week, Bond returns. But not to the top. Allegedly. The numbers are mighty close between Bond and Happy Feet. You know, the animated penguin movie. Anyway, it's a close race between the two, but I shall report what I have right now. Let's go to the numbers, shall we? (All in millions, remember, and these are the studio estimates, the actuals will be available on Monday).

1. Happy Feet (WB) - $42.3, 3804 screens, week 1, $42.3 total

2. Casino Royale (Sony/MGM) - $40.6, 3434 screens, week 1, $40.6 total

3. Borat (Fox) - $14.35, 2611 screens, week 3, $90.5 total

4. Santa Clause 3 (Disney) - $8.2, 3359 screens, week 3, $51.6 total

5. Flushed Away (Par/DW) - $6.8, 3307 screens, week 3, $48.8 total

6. Stranger Than Fiction (Sony)- $6.6, 2270 screens, week 2, $22.9 total

7. Babel (ParV) - $2.9, 1251 screens, week 4, $12.0 total

8. Saw III (LG) - $2.8, 1942 screens, week 4, $74.85 total

9. The Departed (WB)- $2.6, 1611 screens, week 7, $113.86 total

10. After Dark's Horror Fest: 8 Films to Die For (Free) - $2.48, 488 screens, week 1, $2.48 total

Ok, those are the numbers, but what do they mean? If you're Bond, you might be a little ticked off. The long awaited rebooting of the franchise seems to be defeated by a bunch of penguins. There's a joke to be made here about Bond and the tux and a penguin, but I'm too hungover to think of it. Anyway, the two are duking it out, and I have no doubt that numbers will be adjusted in a heated battle until the end. Happy Feet, however, has a shorter running time in it's favor, so more shows can unspool at the multiplex, and the kids are probably packing the shows in.

Oh, and don't be surprised if, when the final numbers are released, if the last three digits of Casino Royale come out to 007. Seriously. They did that with The World Is Not Enough.

If you're that After Dark fest, that's pretty impressive. Only opening on 488 screens, the heavily marketed series of films that normally wouldn't get theatrical distribution pulled in a solid $2.5 million. Not bad at all. Of course, I have a feeling those films will be on video very soon anyway, but this was a nice little experiment that might even become an annual event. Even if it would make more sense to host it in October, but I'm just being a pain in the arse now.

If you're Let's Go To Prison, I'm sorry. Not even cracking the top ten, and receiving some horrible reviews, (Many of which contained the very unfunny "Let's Go Straight To Video") Let's Go To Prison took in $2.1 million. I know there wasn't much spent on it, and the marketing brilliance of the talking urinal pads was pretty damn ingenious, but it's still not pulling in anything. I still have a feeling that it's funny, but that's my knee jerk Will Arnett thing kicking in.

Holdovers dropped. A lot. Most by over 50% from last week's take. however, it should be noted that most all the movies retained their order from last week. Creepy. But not really.

Below the radar, there were a few high profile flicks opening in limited release. For Your Consideration, the latest from Christopher Guest and his funny friends, opened on 23 screens and pulled in $394,000. Richard Linklater's Fast Food Nation opened up on 321 screens to take in $390,000. And Emilio Estevez's Bobby took in $67,000 on 2 screens. It also garnered the highest per screen average of the week. ( $33,500 per screen.)

And in the "just because it's there and because I can" series: Employee Of The Month took in $95,000 on 149 screens, bringing it's grand total to $28,359,000 in 7 weeks

There you have my wonderful break down. Next week we have a Jerry Bruckheimer movie with Denzel Washington, the release of The Fountain, and the greatest movie of all time (as the ads keep informing me) Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny. It's also the long holiday weekend, which means there's a lot of money to be made.

Until next weekend.... ______ (Insert witty ending here)

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