Thursday, November 16, 2006

Hi-five! I see Borat!

I saw Borat. It was very funny. I found myself laughing out loud quite a bit. Sasha Baron Cohen, as Borat, has indeed taken the mantle from Peter Sellers and Andy Kaufman, and stepped it up into the modern day. It's also brilliant in how it exposes ignorance and idiocy across the nation. (There's a very telling scene with Borat at a rodeo, where he gets the man he's talking with to expose his deepest prejudices, most likely within a three minute conversation.)

But you know what? It's not the end all be all of comedies. It is, in essence, a smarter Jackass. It's comprised of tiny sketches that add up to a whole, but with each vignette topping the previous in terms of what limits can be pushed (and in making me lose bladder control through laughter), I kind of forget what comes before it.

It's also interesting to watch, knowing that those frat boy idiots in the RV are trying to sue the producers, claiming that they had no idea they would be in a movie that would air in the states. These jackasses are, ironically, most likely the same stock as the guys who are going around now quoting this movie relentlessly. Ridonkulous, this circle of life.

Anyway, it's good. It's really funny. But it's not the last comedy you'll ever want to see. (Although after the wrestling scene, you might not want to look at anything ever again.)

PS- I sure love it when you do your Borat impersonations for me. Please make sure you always do one when speaking with me. Because it's SO funny!


-Brady said...

While I agree that it was a funny movie, and I enjoyed it very much, and I also liked how it exposes ignorance and idiocy, I still think that Jackass comedy is funnier than Borat or Tom Green comedy. I like how the Jackass boys and us are all in on "the joke", meaning they all know, as do we the moviegoer, that at anytime something stupid will be done to them or infront of them, and the antisapation of that stupidness and then the payoff is funny. However, in Borat style, the subject of the joke is not in on it, so we in a sense are laughing at them and not with them. Granted some deserve to to laughed at, but as far as "smartness" goes, don't you think we can come up with a better way of exposing someones ingnorance without tricking them or the hidden camera stuff. It's like dateline posting on Kiddy porn sites and tricking some perv to come to a house where they expose him. Well no crap, how hard is that? Oh look at me I'm Borat and I exposed that Frat boys are Dumbasses and old rodeo guys don't like gays, big surprise. But I laughed and had a good time so I guess that counts as something-
Hold Fast

Formerly, The Dude Spoke said...

You tell them Brady.

And what's the deal with those guys trapping pedophiles? They expose the guys, but can they legally do anything? Or is it the public humiliation factor of it all?

I need sleep.