Tuesday, June 13, 2006

This is too damn funny

I came across this interesting tidbit, this morsel of self promotion that has so much testicular gumption, it oughta name itself "The Proposition".

(I'm sorry, but that movie kicks an obscene amount of ass.)

No, this is one of the stranger things I've seen, but I guess these days, it's what the people want.

I have trashed Uwe Boll on many occasions. I've outright declared TO THE MAN'S FACE that I hate House of the Dead. (I failed to tell him that I own a copy, just to show people how inept a motion picture can be). Alone in the Dark isn't much better, and Bloodrayne, while a vast improvement over the other two, is still pretty terrible. And yet, he continues to make films. he truly is the new Ed Wood, but I think he might be a little too self aware of that status.

Still, he was a charming guy, really nice, and surprisingly lucid when it comes to talking about films. (I hold a soft spot in my heart for the fact that we both agree on how much the ending of War of the Worlds sucks balls). He's got a nose for what's not working in other people's flicks, but he still can't make that work for his own films, unfortunately.

I had hope for Uwe Boll. He seemed to be improving with each film. Sure it was with baby steps, but progress is progress.

Until now.

Now I read this: http://www.darkhorizons.com/news06/060613b.php

And then Ain't It Cool News pointed potential haters to check these out as fuel for the fire:



The guy has a serious pair. Or a massive head wound that's making him say things like it's Bacon Day. What intrigues me the most is how he's going to work the footage into the film. Will it be random and sporadic until tumbling towards idiocy, like the video game footage cut into House of the Dead? Will it be pointless and useless, like my idea of putting old footage from the unfinished Low Cool into something new? Or will it just wind up on the cutting room floor when nobody shows up to participate?

I bet Roger Avery takes him up on it. That strikes me as something he would do.

Boll is quite delusional, but I give him a B+ for effort, which will most likely be the highest amount of praise I will give an idea of his.

The man's got gumption. And me? I've got some training to do.

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