Monday, June 19, 2006

A few minor updates

Hey all.

I've decided to update the blog a little bit, and make a few minor changes. There are some links on the side now, I finally got those working. I've linked to several more successful and entertaining blogs, which if you frequent these blogs, you'll notice that they are all linked to each other as well. It's funny, in a weird inbred kind of way.

And yet, here I am, hoping to join the gene pool. Well, not really. But I find these sites interesting, and they occupy me through my boring days when not retrieving office supplies and groceries for the tireless editing crew here. You'll also find some of my reviews and such over at Moviesonline, where I write under the nom de guerre "The Dude", which is really embarassing when I go to screenings, and they ask me who I write for and what my name is.

(I'm still waiting for my now 2 quotes to appear on a poster: For the Devil's Rejects "It's got balls" - The Dude,
AND for the Proposition
"It's so manly it should begin with a shot of a scrotal sack, just so you know what you're about to deal with." - The Dude,

Although, looking at them both now, people will say I have a small fixation.

To those critics, I say maybe D has a fixation.


You got burned so badly.)

Yeah. So, anyway, here are some links. Keep your eyes peeled later in the week, because I'll have a few things going up. I haven't seen any movies lately, but I could cover older stuff. Or I could make up reviews for movies I haven't seen yet. In fact, that sounds like a good idea.

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