Wednesday, June 14, 2006

This is the funniest thing I've read today...

...which, given yesterday's prime bit of hilarity, could be a step backwards.

But still, this is good. It comes from a website called "Living The Romantic Comedy" ( which is one of the countless sccreenwriting blogs I encounter all day when I should be doing work. Although I like to think that this is my job now, reading these. Anyway, the main guy Bill wrote this great line:

"For the edification of my L.A. readers: a play is a piece of dramatic/comedic writing that's performed by live actors in front of a live audience -- kind of like this "live TV" stunt they just pulled on The West Wing, only without the cameras. I know, nutty, huh? But plays are done a lot in New York, where some people consider them foreplay. "

Brilliance. My co-workers look at me with strange eyes now.

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mernitman said...

Dude! Thanks for laughing (and linking) -- I'm enjoying your posts now, too.