Monday, June 12, 2006

Some random observations from this past weekend.

I think I'm becoming a hermit, as I spent most of the weekend locked in my room, avoiding responsibility, save for feeding the cat we're catsitting for. She was appreciative for the food, but not much else. But being a shut in rules, because you get to learn so much. Such as:

1). Hitman: Blood Money is an insanely kick ass game. I beat the whole damn thing this weekend. Of course, I beat it on the lame level, which makes it far too easy, but lately, being such a loser, it's nice to win at something. But the game is unbelievably addictive, and fun. It's more of the same, but the engine is different being that it involves more innocent people (there's a level at Mardi Gras, and one in a Vegas casino) and there's the "notoriety" aspect, where you can be seen by cameras, and then the press gets wind of you. You can remedy this by stealing security tapes everywhere you go, or by bribing the press. You can also customize weaponry and all I can say about that is my shotgun kicks a supreme amount of arse.

I'm scaring myself writing that. But the game rules.

2). If you call yourself a man, then you need to read "The Alphabet of Manliness." Written by God among men Maddox (, it's a run down, A to Z, from Ass-kicking to Zombies, of all things manly. (Or not so, depending on your definition). Filled with much the same wit that fills his ramblings, Maddox has proven himself a keen observer of the state of manliness, and he tries valiantly to reclaim our right to it. Brilliant book, I finished it in 5 hours. Then bought another copy, and read it again. Then, it kicked me in the nuts to remind me who's the boss.

In a strange twist of fate, I discovered something else this weekend while reading this book...

3) It's very difficult to read in a room when all your lamps have busted light bulbs, and the only source of illumination are blue Christmas lights.

4) Death Cab For Cutie is a good band. But man, are they depressing as hell.

5). I don't care what anybody (Cough-entertainmentweekly-cough) says, The Simpsons are still funny as hell, as witnessed by last night's episode where Mr. Burns outsources the nuclear power plant and Homer has to go to India. The B-plot involved Patty and Selma kidnapping Richard Dean Anderson and having a Macgyver convention of their own. I was in stitches the entire episode. Very well done, with so many funny moments. (The outsourcing short film was GENIUS, as was the Stargate SG1 convention). Holy crap, I wish I taped it. Time for Tivo?

6) I'm a sad, sad man.

But there's a silver lining to the cloud, which I am not prepared to reveal as of yet. In a few weeks time, all shall be revealed. Rest assured, something is brewing...

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-Brady said...

As long as what is brewing is some sort of beer, things will be all right. let me know if you need help with any schemeing or plotting