Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How am I not aware of this movie until today?!?!?

It has everything I love about movies, all rolled into one tidy package!
Double-you, tee eff, man?

There's just so much going on here that it blows my monkey-fightin' mind! Oldman AND McConaughey! As brothers!!!

And did you see the rest of the family? This movie is second only to Rambo as far as perfection of cinema is concerned!

I'm disappointed in myself for not being aware of this motion picture. My co-workers are even more disappointed that I wasn't aware of this film. Rest assured, however, it's forced it's way to the top of my Netflix queue (past Surfer, Dude, even!) and I spent the rest of the day having what I like to refer to as a "McConaugh-day", which involves me speaking like him all day long.

(I can't wait until his new shitty movie comes out. I plan on going to a showing and doing a running commentary, in character, about what it must have been like to make this movie. It's gonna be fantastic).*


-Brady said...

Are...You...KIDDING ME!?

R.BillMountain said...

Saw this a while ago. Oldman is unrecognizable and amazing, Beckinsale is hotter than hell.

And as for Brady...BALL BALL BALL!