Thursday, October 01, 2009

Random Thursday Nonsense.

In case anyone was curious to what I thought of the remaining 80 minutes of Jennifer's Body, I'm pleased to report that I liked it as much as the beginning. Really enjoyed it, and thought it had a good attention to detail that it didn't need to bring to the forefront.

But honestly, if they got Megan Fox to at least moon the camera, they would have made an extra $20 million. Still, the lesbian kissing scene between her and Amanda Seyfried is pretty hot. Even though there's no nudity in the movie.

(This got me to see 2 transforming robot movies in theaters. Sigh)

Moving on.

I copied and pasted this into the blog template last night, but then fell asleep and forgot what it was. Hopefully it's awesome, and not at all pornographic.

Find more videos like this on BAM Vid Vault

In case it's terrible, here's KITTENS!!!

I got my Serious Man review up at Moviesonline, and hopefully I'll have the link to it up soon. But it's a very worthwhile film that makes me laugh and makes me think.


(Also check out my weekly round up of movie news, coupled with biting social criticism. Or lame jokes. More of the latter. There will be a new one up tomorrow, as this is to last week's).

I'm very excited about Zombieland, but I don't know if I'm going to the midnight show tonight, or if I have to catch something else for the site. Possibly the Invention of Lying. We'll see.


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