Monday, September 28, 2009

Box Office Report: Now with 18% less meatballs

Dude here again. In a bit of a rush this weekend, so you're going to get some numbers, and then I'm assigning all of you, my loyal reader(s?) the task of coming up with conclusions based on what these numbers mean. The best answers will be published in next week's column!

Then hopefully in the published collection of all my box office reports, slated to hit bookstores this Christmas!.

This weekend, two new sci-fi flicks are unleashed, as well as a remake! How did they fare? Let's go to the numbers, shall we? (All in millions, remember, and these are the studio estimates. The actuals will be available on Monday).

1. Cloudy With A Change Of Meatballs (Sony) - $24.6, 3119 screens, week 2, $60.0 total

2. Surrogates (BV)- $15.0, 2951 screens, week 1, $15.0 total

3. Fame (MGM)- $10.0, 3096 screens, week 1, $10.0 total

4. The Informant! (WB) - $6.9, 2505 screens, week 2, $20.9 total

5. Tyler Perry's I Can Do Bad All By Myself (LGF) - $4.7, 2120 screens, week 3, $44.5 total

6. Pandorum (Over)- $4.4, 2506 screens, week 1, $4.4 total

7. Love Happens (Uni) $4.3, 1898 screens, week 2, $14.7 total

8. Jennifer's Body (Fox) - $3.5, 2738 screens, week 2, $12.3 total

9. 9 (Focus) - $2.8, 2025 screens, week 3, $27.1 total

10. Inglorious Basterds (Wein)- $2.7, 1960 screens, week 6, $114.4 total

So those are the numbers, but what do they mean? Well, it means that.. you tell me? Is there a food related pun I missed? How about something witty about the Bruce Willis movie like "Looks like people sent their Surrogates to see other movies!" ? There has to be a correlation between Fame and High School Musical that I'm not seeing.

There's even a surefire loser of this week in Pandorum, which is kind of a shame, as that movie was pretty decent.

For extra added bonus, below the radar the new Michael Moore inflammatory documentary Capitalism: A Love Story opened up on 4 screens and took in $240,000. There must be something to be said about this, from Moore lovers and haters. C'mon, people, I'm counting on you here.

There's also something called I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, which is a movie I've never even heard of! Material ripe for your zingers. Don't let me down.

There you have my (and YOUR) amazing break down. Next week, I'll stop being a lazy bastard, as Zombieland finally reaches our eyeballs!

Until next weekend.......

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