Friday, September 11, 2009


A lot of cool sci-fi flicks that have come out the past few months have been based on cool sci-fi shorts that people took notice of and let them make movies based on these. That kicks ass. And is rare to happen.

Or so my manager keeps telling me*.

Anyway, in the tradition of last month's Alive in Joburg-into-District 9, I give you 9.

The short 9, that was the basis for the motion picture 9 which came out this weekend ( and where you can find a review of here,)and is NOT in anyway related to the movie Nine which comes out in a few months and stars Daniel "Plainview" Day Lewis, nor is it related to District 9, which just plain melts your face off with it's awesomeness.

Not to mention the whole 9-9-09 thing the other day, which was really strange because it seemed to be entirely about the Beatles based solely on the Revolution #9 song, which is fine but still kinda weak.

I really hope Day Lewis talks like Plainview in this one. that will actually get me to see it. That and Fergie's "humps".

(Like her song!)

*My manager didn't say those things. Mostly because my manager is imaginary. Imanager-ary?


R.BillMountain said...

Fellini in a basket. Fellini in a basket!

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I abandoned my Mastroianni!