Thursday, July 23, 2009

THE STORM is coming!!!

For those of you who know me, and wonder where I disappeared to for four months and why I left creepy non-sequiter voice mail messages, the answer will become apparent THIS SUNDAY on NBC! (At 9PM EST/PST)! And continued the following Sunday Aug 2nd at the same time! (Set your DVRs)!

It's THE STORM! Starring James "Enough with the Dawson already"Van Der Beek, Luke "I was in 5th Element" Perry, and Treat "I'm Awesome in everything, including this. Seriously" Williams!!!

Witness the fury of assassins attempting to hunt down reporters who might leak secrets of secret governmental controlled weather! Behold the amazing wrath of nature as it rains a hell of a lot and causes wind to pick up shit and throw it when the plot requires it to! Marvel over how quickly it takes to receive an order of wings in a bar! Yes indeed, it is.... THE STORM

All hail the television mini series event so face-meltingly fucking awesome it put me on unemployment!

FUN FACT: For those who want, I will be able to provide a commentary track for their viewing pleasure. For a nominal fee, I will do aforementioned commentary using the voice of Matthew McConaughey!

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