Wednesday, July 01, 2009

500 Posts!

Well, I managed it. After roughly over 3 years, I have made it to 500 posts. Granted, that's a pretty weak output, and if it weren't for weekly box office reports, it would be significantly less. But still, I've kept at it thus far, and thank all of you loyal readers for sticking with it, and hopefully letting it guide you in the ways of good movie choices.

I contemplated what I was going to do for this landmark occasion. A review of my all time favorite movie? Something new, perhaps, like a review of The Hurt Locker? (Which fucking rocks!) Perhaps I would beat down and choke a dead horses' throat, and rail against that piece of shit transforming robot movie. Maybe I finally finished that long awaited Dolph Lundgren Film Festival write up!

Or cleverly return to an old favorite, like a Danspeak*? Or go into a nice diatribe about unemployment is really FUNemployment, despite the horrible sunburn I feel on my chest right now! Or any other flight of fancy that's strikes my curious, vacation-filled mind.

Then, I witnessed this video and knew what I had to do. Watch and enjoy. Preferably not around children or people with the capacity to fire you.

Enjoy! Thanks for coming by, and I hope you continue to do so, as I have the time to write whatever strikes my fancy now!

*I did sneak in a new Danspeak, by the way. He coined that "Choking a dead horse" amalgam. Actually, I'm not even sure I got it correct.

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R.BillMountain said...

Congrats on 500 FRIED SHRIMP!