Thursday, July 09, 2009

101 robots... and a few changes

There are at least 101 robot shirts in existence. And you can find them here . Sadly, I have 2 awesome robot shirts that haven't been created yet. But since I have the time, it might be time to learn photoshop and t-shirt design.

Also, I want to point out a few changes I shall be making to the blog here. Nothing too huge, but I've agreed to start writing for Moviesonline again, this time for more exposure and infamy. Sadly, this means lots of news about Twilight.

(So dreamy!)

No, I'm only kidding. But seriously, I will be posting my reviews over there from now on, along with fun and exciting lists and hilarious commentary on movies and editorials. I will provide links to the reviews and other content here on ye olde blog, but fact of the matter is, the more views Moviesonline gets, the more pennies roll into my coffers. Being that I have no source of income at the moment, every little bit helps.

So later on, I'll have a review of Hurt Locker to post on the site, and I shall include the link. Please help a brother out and read it, and future reviews and article postings I shall write for them, in my quest to be an actual writer, and not some bum who writes on the side when he's not assistant editing crappy TV miniseries that star the Dawson.

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