Tuesday, March 13, 2007





-Brady said...

I was going to go with the "I heard he was dead" line but then I saw someone had already thought of it so it wouldn't be as funny. They better keep the original soundtrack-
Hold Fast

Formerly, The Dude Spoke said...

The thing is, the casting of Gerard Butler is a pretty good idea. It's just that a) the film is pointless to remake given that Escape From LA is essentially the remake; and b) Kurt Russell IS Snake Plissken. To deny him his character, and just throw in the guy who's in the (admittedly very badass) number one movie of the week is stupid, and sadly indicative of the current state of the business. And that it's being made by the guy who produced XXX and Torque does not bode well. At least get the Precint 13 remake guys on it. They made a solid flick.

Although, if Kurt were up to it, it would be kind of neat for him to play either The President or The Duke.

But Carpenter better do the score.

How about this alternative: Butler plays Younger Snake Plissken, and we get to see the cool shit he did that lead up to his incarceration in New York.

Of course, the main problem with the remake is that the movie took place in 1997.