Sunday, March 11, 2007

Ripped From The Headlines

This was on the IMDB news section:

"Some 16 cities around the country named Springfield are vying to host the premiere of the movie version of The Simpsons in July. Azell Murphy Cavaan, community relations director for Springfield, MA, told that city's The Republican newspaper, that the city was "really excited and ready" to participate. "There's so much heavy news that we deal with every day; a chance to have some fun is what we need," Cavaan said. But while Springfield may be ready to welcome the Simpsons, a city named Bloomfield has no intention of welcoming the Sopranos. The New Jersey town denied a filming permit to the mob drama's producers who had wanted to shoot a scene at an old-fashioned ice cream parlor. The mayor and members of the city council say they object to the way Italian-Americans are depicted in the TV series."

There are a couple of things about this item that disturb the peaceful frame of mind I was in. Let's begin with the segue. There is no logical connection between these two separate events aside from the word "field". And maybe if you take into consideration both shows air on Sunday nights. But in no realm whatsoever should these two stories be reported together. this is shenanigans. Everybody get a broom.

Now lets get down to the crux of the matter: Bloomfield mayor and members of the city council object to the way Italian-Americans are portrayed on the show. This is a town that practically shuts down when the Sopranos airs. At the pizzeria I used to deliver for, the owner Tony would close the store to watch it. He had a bunch of pictures of Tony Soprano on the wall, alongside the little league team the pizzeria sponsored. He's as stereotypical an Italian-American as you'll ever meet in your life. And most everybody else in that town worships at the feet of Gandolfini. Am I painting the picture vivid enough?

So what the hell is going on here?


-Brady said...

Dude, did you know Harry Shearer played Principal Peskin on Dawson's Creek? I hated that effing show! how could he stoop to such a low level. That's a cryin' shame.

And Bloomfield sucks. I love the link for New Jersey though, it cracked me up.
Hold Fast-

Formerly, The Dude Spoke said...

The link to New Jersey in the article. I wish I could take credit for that. But to make the story that much more ridiculous, the link was at it was presented in the original IMDB article. I changed nothing from the original article's presentation, which is what makes the segue so odd and, frankly, wrong.

Oh, and how can you hate the Dawson? C'mon. Remember Liza always used to make fun of me by calling me Dawson? Good times.

I'll get you Van Der Beek. Right after Braff.....

turkish forever said... now they changed their ruling. Now they can film in Holsteins, which by the way is a restaurant i went to about a million times when i was kid. Also, my baber told me that they were looking at his place first (across the street from Holsteins). In any event it is pretty cool to think they are filming something at a place that i have ate at a ton of times. BTW, Holsteins has GREAT hamburgers and milkshakes.

Formerly, The Dude Spoke said...

Babar told you that the Sopranos producers wanted to film at his house? Babar rules! Silly little elephant.

I miss the ice cream from Holstens. That was always top notch. I remember getting burgers there, but never really ate much beside the ice cream. Damn you for making me want ice cream.

Oh, and for the record I have seen exactly 3 episodes of the Sopranos. Wasn't all that impressed.

turkish forever said...

the questions is when did you see those 3 episodes. If they were from last season, not a shock as last season blew.

Watch the Pine Barrens episode and i guarentee you will be hooked.