Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Hey Kids... It's Hump Day!

I've smacked myself hard in the face for referring to today as hump day. There are times when I'm really happy I don't have to work in an office environment, solely so I don't have to hear idiots say that phrase. And yet, here I am. Saying it.

Some random things for your enjoyment:

Reelgirl over at E Online was kind enough to drop a small mention of my exploits from my date with Jessica Alba on her blog. So now, I've been mentioned on E Online. Far out! Let the rumor mill fly! I'm slowly taking the nation by storm, one starlet at a time.

My ultimate dream goal would involve Rosario Dawson and an Ihop. But that's neither here nor there.

I forgot to mention before that Reelgirl is responsible for the lovely photograph of the proverbial fries from the story. Many thanks her way for the shout out and the picture. (And for helping me understand the struggles that blind people must face in their everyday lives).

Oh, and I found this today. It's wrong. Very wrong. A special message for my readers who have children: If they like Kermit, don't let them near. Please. It's for their own sake.

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turkish forever said...

Rosario and Jessica in the same blog entry with pictures....nice.