Monday, March 26, 2007

I got Alba's fries!

This girl.

This guy.

These fries.

The whole story can be found at

Awww, hell, since I love you so much, here's the first paragraph:

The clouds above me are a dark gray, rare for Los Angeles, but certainly not unheard of. I stand on the roof of post modern hotel, at a bar with decor that can best described as "ridonkulous". I stand, knowing that a few blocks away, down below in the streets of Los Angeles (Grand St. between 5th and 6th, to be precise), Sue Storm herself, Ms. Jessica Alba, is trying to emerge from a taxi cab in the rain. For a brief second, I wonder if Ms. Alba has enough pull in Hollywood to actually have caused this overcast day to accommodate the filming schedule. (Or maybe Budha/Zues/Odin/God, etc is just a REALLY big Dark Angel fan). All I know is, it must be really difficult for an actress to get out of a cab in the rain, holding an umbrella, a violin, and a cane all at once. Right, I probably should have mentioned that Alba is playing a blind woman. For this scene, anyway.


shaygo said...

you are living the dream my man. . .living the mutha-fuckin dream.

turkish forever said...

Dark Angel was a solid show with a REALY HOT girl. Somehow that didnt last, go figure.