Sunday, March 18, 2007

Box Office Report- day after St. Drinkin's Day

Dude here again, finally emerging from a St. Patrick's Day hangover/cocoon, because I need to get you the numbers. Man, my head hurts. And I have bruises I can't explain. But I still have my wallet. And most importantly, I still have my kidneys. Because that's my number 2 fear: waking up in a bathtub full of ice with the words "Call 911" written in lipstick on the mirror. (Fear number 1? Snakes on my plane).

This weekend, the only movie that matters to anyone continued its dominance, despite an onslaught of newcomers. This bodes well for my theory of "Let's keep a Zach Snyder movie in theaters as long as possible". Someday, it will happen. Mark my words. Let's go to the numbers, shall we? (All in millions, remember, and these are the studio estimates, the actuals will be available on Monday. Just to prove me wrong).

1. 300 (WB) - $31.185, 3270 screens, week 2, $127.473 total

2. Wild Hogs (BV)- $18.2, 3360 screens, week 3, $103.993 total

3. Premonition (Sony) - $18.9, 2831 screens, week 1, $18.0 total

4. Dead Silence (Uni) - $7.77, 1805 screens, week 1, $7.77 total

5. I Think I Love My Wife (FoxS) - $5.7, 1776 screens, week 1, $5.7 total

6. Bridge to Terabithia (BV) - $5.1, 3091 screens, week 5, $74.9 total

7. Ghost Rider (Sony) - $4.0, 2824 screens, week 5, $110.2 total

8. Zodiac (Par)- $3.07, 2362 screens, week 3, $28.9 total

9. Norbit (DW) - $2.7, 2016 screens, week 6, $92.39 total

10. Music and Lyrics (WB) - $2.2, 1850 screens, week 5, $47.377 total

Ok, those are the numbers, but what do they mean? Well, it means that 300 once again reigns supreme over all. Even Sandra Bullock, who couldn't even surpass the WIld Hogs take for the week. (Interesting to note that this week, both 300 and Hogs broke the $100 million mark. 3 flicks reaching that by March (with Norbit close by to make it #4) is quite a feat, and if I were a Hollywood bigshot, I'd be proud. Then I'd snort some low grade heroin off a hooker's rump, to follow that by lighting a Cuban cigar with a hundred dollar bill. Ahhhh, the good life.

So Premonition took in a decent amount for the weekend, (It's possible that Sony will find some more money and make it the #2 of the week), but Dead Silence and I Think I Love My Wife didn't fare so well. Dead Silence should have courted a bigger fan base, with the Saw guys' pedigree involved, but it was foolish to open it this close to 300. And I Think I Love My Wife got the best reviews of the week, but still could barely make anything.
It's a shame, for I hear this is a good film, and not nearly as stupid as most people have presumed it to be.

In other news, Bridge to Teribethia is doing quite well from week to week, barely dropping in the percentage from the previous week. Way to keep it out in theaters. Well done.

And in the "Because It's There" series: Pan's Labyrinth took in $424,000 on 376 screens, bringing it's grand total to $36,177,000 in 12 weeks.

There you have my break down. Next week, we get a bunch more movies vying for the coveted #1 spot, and the glory of saying "We beat 300!". My money would be on the mutant ninja turtles, but with R-rated glory being the buzz these days, it's possible that Mark Wahlberg's Shooter will take it. Or, perhaps the gods will smile upon 300 for another week. Only time will tell.

Until next weekend....

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