Monday, November 01, 2010

Ed's Quote of the Day 11-1-10

So my friend Ed has been sending me a "Quote of the Day" email every weekday for the past few weeks now. It's fun, it's nerdy, and sometimes it's so obscure that it makes me proud for remembering these things, and not things like biology or US History.

So I think I might try and make it a thing over here. Why? Because Ed did all the work for me already I'm a nerd who enjoys these things. Hopefully you will enjoy it as well.

Enjoy! (These Things)


I can get back right after my AA meeting.


Oh Larry, I didn’t realize you had a drinking problem.


Well actually, I don’t but that’s where all the deals are being made these days.

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tracirabin said...

Umm...nice picture! Glad to see people blogging & making fools of themselves. Thanks for sharing!