Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Awesome things around the Interwebs worthy of your attention

Like you, I occasionally have a lull from all my big business dealings and coke-fueled hooker orgies and I find myself with a little bit of time to spare. And what better way to waste it than by reading lots of awesome things on the Interwebs!?!

First up, I found this terrific piece about the Facebook movie and humanity in general from Zadie Smith over at the New York Review of Books. It produced this great quote, in a footnote no less, that I quite enjoy and puts some awesome things in perspective:

"Our relationship with the English language predates our relationships with our phones."

Next up, an awesome series over at The AV Club about Grunge in the 90s. They're up to part 4, but it's best to start at the beginning. The AV Club has a bunch of terrific series, like My Year of Flops and The New Cult Cannon, but this is the first one not involving movies I voraciously tore through.

And over at Overthinking It they've been having a fun series of articles over the past few weeks (non-Inception related, which is a nice feat) about one-dimensional female characters (with a terrific flow chart), when a female character is an archetype or a stereotype (complete with awesome picture), and now a defense of one-dimensional characters. Great stuff from a website that's mighty entertaining.

And finally, here's something for you to enjoy, courtesy of the man who made me my "You Go In Pieces" Dolph Lundgren shirt.

Terrific stuff.

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