Sunday, August 02, 2009

Took a small break there.

Took a nice journey to San Francisco. It was glorious, and I completely understand why everyone raves about the place. It was nice to get away for a few days. And to see some actual weather. (I actually wore slacks again! First time since Funemployment began when I didn't wear shorts!)

PLUS I got to see those things outside the city that George Lucas saw and immediately thought "I need to make those into walking tanks" and thus birthed the AT-AT!

Good times.

I have a Funny People review, and a Thirst review, if you wanna check them out.

I'm wondering if I can put forth a reader feedback moment, from my dozen of loyal followers out there. Specifically regarding those Twilight and Harry Potter pieces. Were they good? Did you like them? And do you have any suggestions for future articles like those? Please feel free to leave comments in the section below, or because most of you know me anyway, shoot me an email if you have any ideas. I'm always willing to take them and profit from them as much as I can.

Oh, and Happy Belated Birthday to R. Bill Mountain, who will always be the Peace to my One Man Army's War.

Don't forget to check out THE STORM this evening. I cut a few of the scenes in tonight's installment. Pay close attention to the orange picking sequence. I cut that with fervor! (And temp scored it to Riddick, which is badass!) And why not check out the NY Times review? It's quite intellectually stimulating, as anything printed in the NY Times naturally is.

(Run Dawson Run!)


-Brady said...

I love the shirt, we'll maybe love is a little strong, let's just go with "really like", I really like the shirt.

I also thought the Twilight review was great and would love to read more reviews of movies you have never seen.

On a side note I once new a girl named Twila, which kinda sounds like twilight, well the beginning at least. But, alas she was not a vampire, although she did get her belly button pierced back in the eighties before it was cool, so if vampires did that, maybe she was one.

Hold Fast

R.BillMountain said...

Many happy returns...uh I mean thanks for the birthday shout out, OMA. You'll have that drinking problem licked someday...

I was just astonished that you're not a Twihard. Those novels and films are like the Mona Lisa, by which I mean they should be burned and the ashes fed to untalented Mormons everywhere.